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QMR Managing For Results Consulting Practice


The Managing For Results Consulting Practice provides a framework for a structured approach to 

Results and Delivery

Government of Canada's Policy on Results

The Government of Canada's Policy on Results took effect July 1, 2016 and sets out the fundamental requirements for Canadian federal departmental accountability for performance information and evaluation, while highlighting the importance of results in management and expenditure decision making, as well as public reporting.

The policy can be viewed in detail at: 

Federal Departmental/Agency Results and Delivery Capability Assessment 


Departments and agencies have been working hard for the past 12 to 18 months to support the federal government's results and delivery agenda and its Policy on Results, with the primary focus being compliance with the policy direction. As with the previous Planning, Reporting and Accountability Structure (PRAS) and Management, Resources and Results Structures (MRRS) policies, implementation of the spirit and intent of the new policy in a repeatable and sustainable way is expected to be a challenge, given the ambitious program delivery agenda for change that the current government is leading.

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