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Financial Specialist/ Financial Management
(FI-02 to FI-EX)

QMR Consultants have a range of expertise and experience in the Financial Management category from the FI-02 through FI-EX levels, in addition to relevant private sector experience. Skills and abilities range from general accounting functions to investment planning, advisory and complex financial management and strategy at the CFO level.

QMR Managing For Results PRACTICE
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Financial Specialist
Special Advisory

Special Advisory, Interim Management, Change Management

QMR Resources have both the experience and knowledge to assist organizations in both advisory and interim capacities at all levels. From a temporary absence in the CFO position or a requirement for advice and guidance in managing a significant change initiative, QMR has the expertise to assist you.

Audit (Financial, Forensic, Program, Compliance, IM/IT)

QMR manages Audit expertise and support services to address client requirements ranging from the development of audit plans and strategy to their implementation and management.  Our resources address a wide practice area from internal/external financial and program audits to compliance reviews, IM/IT and certified forensic expertise.

Training, Mentoring, Facilitation


QMR maintains strong relationships with valued and experienced training, mentoring and facilitation resources with the goal of guiding organizations through change and development initiatives. Our resources are accredited across many areas and have accumulated many years of experience in the functional areas in which they assist clients.


Information Management/ Information Technology (IM/IT)

QMR strategic and operational IM/IT resources are deployed to provide clients a range of services from strategic architectural systems advice and support through the management of in-house resources to ensure an organization’s evolving business needs are met.

QMR Managing For Results (MFR)  Practice/ Performance Management


We offer the following business lines..


business line helps managers develop and implement long-term strategies that are inspiring, aspirational and achievable;


business line helps managers implement customized performance measurement practices that are the right fit;


business line helps managers clarify underlying assumptions of their program interventions and assess performance in a way that supports program improvements and resource (re)allocation;


business line helps managers develop, implement and sustain cohesive and practical solutions that address program and service delivery challenges;


business line helps managers model business processes and optimize operational planning while understanding the impact of resource cost and constraints;


business line helps managers realize the value of strong data management principles and visualization techniques to positively engage all parts of the organization in results discussions;


business line helps managers strengthen their decision-making structures that sup- port accountability and focus on achieving results; 


business line helps managers enhance their organizational capability to manage for results through training and coaching that goes beyond what is available through traditional training options.


Performance Measurement/ Management

QMR performance management and measurement capabilities address the use of information to help define organizational goals and objectives in clear, tangible, and quantified terms. Our resources develop project /activity plans designed to achieve the goals and objectives, monitor actual performance vs. plans, analyze significant performance deviations, advise key managers of situations requiring attention, form corrective action plans and implement them to remedy performance deviations or modify plans.

Policy and Program Management

QMR maintains strong Policy and Program expertise, focused on analyzing information about policies and programs or a particular aspect of them. Policy and Program management can take a variety of forms, including needs assessments, accreditation, cost/benefit analysis, effectiveness, efficiency, formative, summative, goal-based, process, outcomes, and so on.


Project Management

QMR delivers experienced and knowledgeable Project and Program Management resources, with comprehensive expertise and a range of credentials, including PMP, ITIL, MBA, MPA, CMC among others. The role of project manager is very complex. Engagements vary from managing complex departmental projects to managing individual project aspects with strategic to operational responsibilities. 


QMR retains a wide range of communications expertise and delivers services ranging from tactical implementation (writing, event management, etc.) to strategy development. Our resources understand both private and public sector best practices.

Procurement and Materiel Management

QMR capabilities include the provision of strategic procurement and materiel management advice to the delivery of operational acquisition services. Whether its goods or professional services, our resources have expertise across the spectrum to meet client requirements.

Human Resources and Organizational Design

QMR provides professional, comprehensive expertise for a wide variety of human resourcing functions, promoting best practices and ensuring legislative and policy compliance. This includes:

  • assisting managers with classification, staffing actions and selection boards

  • conducting new employee orientation, and liaising with managers for the assessment and provision of training and development to meet organization and individual needs


Resources conduct research, make recommendations and implement organizational design, policies and procedures, evaluate compensation programs, internal and external employment equity, as well as maintain, advise and administer benefits/pension programs.

Reporting (DPR/ RPP)

Reporting functions are critical to the operation of any organization. QMR resources maintain strong experiential backgrounds in a variety of reporting capacities. Government reports on plans and priorities (RPPs) are the primary vehicle through which departments inform parliament about their plans for managing their programs, with due regard given to economy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Departmental performance reports (DPRs) are the primary vehicle through which departments inform parliament about how they managed their programs, with due regard given to the same measurement criteria as the plans outlined.

Corporate Management

QMR corporate management capabilities span the spectrum of corporate functions for both public and private organizations from policy/ advisory, finance/ audit, HR, procurement, communications to program review and strategy. Our consultants’ expertise can deliver seamless operations to strategic guidance and support.

Conflict Management/ Resolution Expertise


Managing people is an integral part of an organization’s operations, directly connected to its performance and its ultimate success. Conflict management interventions, such as mediating or investigating and resolving employee complaints, benefit from understanding all internal and external contributing factors.


Our team of certified professionals each have over 10 years of field experience. They bring considerable experience in creating national conflict management systems, harassment investigations, grievance handling and presentation to Tribunal, executive/leadership coaching, conflict coaching, and conducting small and large group interventions.


QMR’s approach to these interventions has evolved over many years of practice with many and diverse clients. Of course, any approach must be tailored to meet the needs of the particular client requirement however though there may be variations to the exact process, these are the general steps of a typical interpersonal conflict intervention.

  • Pre-Engagement: Meeting client reviewing the situation (nature and scope); assessing the client’s ability to conduct a mediation process and its confidential framework; assessing alignment with other organizational practices.

  • Contracting: Agreement on terms for moving ahead, drafting proposal and getting it signed.

  • Pre-mediation: Meeting with people in conflict one-on-one for the purpose of building trust and mutual understanding by a) listening to their experience of the situation, assessing their intentions and hopes for the mediation and their alternatives in case of mediation failure and b) explaining the mediation process in order to assess their readiness and good faith, as well as agreement with rules of conduct; presenting the Mediation Agreement document to be signed at beginning of joint meeting.

  • Designing the beginning of the mediation.

  • Joint meeting(s):

    • Introduction: Common overview of Mediation Agreement document, Q&A and signature; verifying intentions for the mediation.

    • Personal story and experience: listening to each person share their experience of the situation; prepare and agree on a list of topics to be addressed in the mediation process.

    • Interests, needs and values: working through topics of mediation by exploring interests, needs and values that fuel the conflict areas, thus fostering mutual understanding of each others’ stakes.

    • Options generating: from the identified interests, needs and values, finding multiple possible solutions (brainstorming activity – no evaluation yet).

    • Agreement: evaluating options, identifying the viable and mutually agreeable solutions that are likely to satisfy participants; establishing follow-up process and establishing consequences to non-compliance as needed; preparing a document as needed.

    • Drafting, printing and signing agreement document.

    • Agreement on report contents to be delivered to management.

  • Reporting: Drafting a management report and recommendations as required and agreed upon.

  • Following up as required. 


Client project references are not available on-line due to their confidential and sensitive nature. If you are interested in hearing about our industry experience or specific engagements, we will set up a meeting with one of our Practitioners and Account Executives.

SAP Workflow - Business Process Integration


QMR maintains experienced resources for SAP Workflow implementations to deliver clients an automated representation of business processes for their organization. SAP Workflow is the tool for managing business processes within and between SAP modules or over the Internet.

RBM/ Evaluation
Policy and Program
Project Management
HR/ Org Design
Corporate Management
Conflict Management
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